GEORGE D. PETAWAY, Martial Arts Practitioner

“As a retired career Army Veteran, Martial Artist and Athlete, I’ve been coping with injuries and health problems such as joint pain, stress, and high cholesterol. To help alleviate this pain, I was using over the counter pain relievers, which come with risk to the kidneys, digestive system and heart. So I sought out an alternative, and during the past 6 months I’ve been taking CBD products by Veterans Vitality. I first applied it as a roll on in areas of discomfort, and recently switched to taking it in Gel Cap form. Within just a few weeks I noticed a increase in my daily activities, and my martial arts training. This is why I’m now an advocate for the use of CBD. It decreased my pain, inflammation, and helped accelerate recovery for me”.

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Dr. Nathan Edouard, phamacist and owner of Las Vegas Scripts Rx partners with Veterans Vitality
As a phamacist and owner of Las Vegas Scripts Rx, our alliance and partnership with Veterans Vitality enables us to offer premium CBD products in our patient formulations for pain creams. Our patients also love the affordability
— Dr. Nathan Edouard, Las Vegas Scripts Rx
I live in PA and have access to potent CBD-rich oil which I’ve been using for my PTSD. It has literally changed the way I feel. I was on two antidepressants and self-medicating constantly. I used to feel terrible. In 3 months I am down to one antidepressant. Nothing for anxiety and I haven’t slept this good in years.