Tinctures Explained

Tinctures Explained

Quick, long lasting effects are what should come to mind when thinking about tinctures. This method of consumption is probably the most over looked, but might be the most beneficial. Below are some quick explanations, tools and tactics that will empower your health and wellness. 

How are they Produced- At Veteran’s Vitality we use a super critical Co2 extract process. This extraction technique requires consistent methods to pre- and post-processing. Meticulous monitoring of temperature, flow-rates, pressure, and time are a critical for this type of extraction.

How to consume Tinctures- There are a couple ways to enjoy our CBD tincture. Sublingual and ingestion.  

  • Sublingual:  Under the tongue (sublingual) are cavities filled with copious amount of blood vessel, mucus membranes and micro-capillaries, ready to take all CBD infused tinctures, directly to the bloodstream for instant relief.

  • Ingestion:  When ingesting CBD infused tinctures, it first passes through our Gastrointestinal tract and then the liver before feeling the outcome. 

There a few major differences between these two consumption methods so let’s take a closer look at them for better clarity. 

Ingestion VS Sublingual

  • Sublingual is faster than ingesting due to the hemp plants compounds going straight to the blood stream rather than first being metabolized by the liver for which some potency gets lost en-route to our cannabinoid receptors. Fewer obstacles for cannabinoids to encounter, faster and stronger acting the effects will be. 

  • Ingestion- Orally taking CBD, the effects will be prolonged due to the longer route to the  bloodstream.  And since this path goes through the digestive tract, some potency will be wasted along the way. Consumers might need to take higher doses than they would with other methods in order to feel efficient effects. However, the results last longer and can be added to drinks, and food.   

Hope this helps determine what method of cannabis consumption is perfect for you. 



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