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Entourage Effect

Understanding the entourage effect is simple if you can imagine cannabinoids and terpenes as a platoon of military warriors, attacking the enemy through fire and maneuver. Except in this scenario, every fighter is a cannabinoid, equipped with Small arm terpenes, or

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Can CBD Help with PTSD

Injuries derived from war or conflict come in many forms. Some visible, and others not, nevertheless, both are equally important. Adaptation to a traumatic experience is how most professionals describe Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this modern day, alternative medicine has…

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The Topic of Topicals

Whenever speaking about using hemp products, topicals are conveniently glazed over.  This non-invasive, localized consumption method can be a benefit to those that don’t find inhalation of vapors or smoke enjoyable. 

There are a few questions on this subject that get asked frequently, so below are…

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Why CBD?

Before we get to what is CBD? Allow us to explain why CBD connect with our anatomy so well.

Just like we have an immune, respiratory, skeletal, nervous, muscular, reproductive, digestive, endocrine, circulatory system and so on. Well check out another natural system that is also essential for wellbeing.

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